Two Choice Samsungs Coming to T-Mobile September 11th

T-Mobile has added a “coming soon” page for two hot new Samsungs, the fashionable Trace (T519) and the more serious T719. Both phones feature a 1.3 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth, quad-band GSM and EDGE.

The Trace is a superslim candybar with a micro-SD slot, 80MB built-in memory and speakerphone. The sexy thing should do quite well with the not-a-RAZR crowd.

The new T719 is a high-end phone for those who want PIM and email without the size of a PDA. The clamshell smartens up with an LED flash, Blackberry Connect for push email, and a hybrid-QWERTY keyboard, similar to the I719 we covered earlier.

I’m a T-Mobile customer. If you’re like me, you always feel like you’re at the kids table at the big Gadget Thanksgiving. While everyone else has their Chocolates and Treos, we’re still playing with our non-music-playing RAZRs and saying things like, “The Sidekick 3 has a trackball!” It’s good to see T-Mo stepping up with phones we geeks can really get behind.

Samsung Trace [T-Mobile]

Samsung T719 [T-Mobile]

[EDIT:] More fun news. The Trace will launch on T-Mobiles website and in stores o Monday the 11th. We’re working on getting one of these hot mamma’s for a little hands-on action, so stay tuned.