Ant's Life Studio, the Ant Farm for the Desk Monkey

The Ant’s Life Studio mini game is the Tamagochi for people who enjoy insects as pets, a.k.a. weirdos. The ant farm lets you build nests, feed the queen ant and protect your subjects from being eaten by spiders. There’s 100 different nests to build, which is little consolation to the target market:

The insects humdrum existence and work orientated lifestyle however is being aimed at Japan’s masses of stressed out salary men, a group whose equally humdrum office existence and company focused life appears to disturbingly mirror those of ants – virtual or real.

Poor Japanese salary men. Stuck behind a desk all day, pounding away with little to no thanks in return. At least now they get to fiddle with ants when the boss isn’t watching.

Product Page [asovision via Tokyo Times]