Latvians Might Not Want to Marry Vista, But Know It's Been Around the Block

AFP is reporting that Latvians – they’re in Europe – are all a’twitter about Microsoft Vista. Vista, it seems, means “fowl” or “frumpy woman” in Latvian, evoking images of Microsoft Windows Russian Bathroom Attendant Edition.

“Everybody in my office bursts out laughing whenever I start talking about the new operating system,” 26-year-old customer assistance manager Zanis, who works in the Latvian capital, Riga, told AFP.

“Sure, the Microsoft people in the US cant be expected to understand all languages, but this really is funny,” he said.

Everyone bursts out laughing? Huh. That’s what IT departments are doing all across the U.S. when they hear how much Vista will cost them to upgrade.

Latvians clutch sides and cry ‘fowl’ over Microsoft Vista