Seeing Red: Ultra High-Def

It’s been accused of being Vaporware, but the Red One has now been officially unveiled, and pre-orders are available.

For those not in-the-know, the Red One is the first camera by Red, the digital video company founded by Oakley’s creator James Jannard. What makes the Red so amazing is that Jannard, being an optical aficionado, has engineered a digital cinema camera that can equal 35MM film in quality, is completely modular so it can be customized on a whim, and costs substantially less than cameras of lower quality. His aim is to turn the digital cinema industry on it’s ear, and it’s possible he’s done just that.

The camera is the first at sub-$100k that can shoot 4k video (4520 x 2540 pixels) at 60 frames a second. That’s 11 Megapixels. Word on the wires is that James Cameron has already ordered three of them. You can reserve yours now for $1000 at I love this thing, it’s got great specs, and looks like what Megatron in the new Transformers film should look like.

Red One [Red]