Xoxide PrimoChill Custom Water Cooled Case

The truly hardcore PC modders build their own case-mods with water cooling, but for those of us who are out of college and actually have jobs, this Xoxide PrimoChill does all the water-cooling and case-modding for you.

The case is a custom-modded X-Qpack with laser-etched windows, UV PrimoFlex tubing, and a UV waterblock plate. It also comes with a UV blue Reservoir and a bottle of UV blue PC coolant, which means if you store this in the room where you sleep, you’re going to be dreaming of Superman’s Fortress of solitude thanks to all this UV light.

The case is a small micro ATX form factor that fits most Intel and AMD Micro ATX motherboards (check the list on the site). Now you can be an OG-modder without spending all that time. Just pony up $349.99 and you’re set.

Product Page [Xoxide via Crowded Brain]