Adidas Helps You Monitor Your Heart

Adidas has teamed up with Polar to produce a new line of clothes called Project Fusion that will both monitor your ECG stats and, possibly, look cool. The system has sensors built throughout the shirt to check your heart rate and the shoes to keep tabs on how far and fast you’re moving. After your workout, just upload all the info to your PC via Bluetooth and see how you did, and how long it took you to recover. The sensors are supposed to be soft, as not to be uncomfortable and the transmitter that collects all the data is firmly planted in the front of the shirt, so it’s easy to recognize and use.

This is a really cool idea, and I imagine that it would be best used by would-be pro athletes looking for a training edge to propel them into the upper echelons of performance. I doubt it’d be much use for established professionals, who typically have far more advanced training options available to them. Nevertheless, at $680, the system doesn’t come cheap and probably isn’t appropriate for novices.

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