Skype-out free in France

Skype announced today that all French-based Skype users with a broadband internet connection can make unlimited SkypeOut calls to landlines in France for free! This offer is valid in France from September 7 to December 31 2006.

After the huge success of a similar initiative for Skype users based in North America in May this year, France is the first European country where Skype has launched free internet calling. I hope that the UK is not far behind in announcing a similar deal.

I also use Skype on my mobile and often make calls from wifi hotspots but I doubt this free offer, if it ever comes to the UK, will cover calls from a mobile using Skype to a landline when used over GPRS as opposed to wifi – you never know?

[note: Aside from making free calls to all landlines in France, SkypeOut remains unchanged to French-based Skype users who must still purchase credit to call mobiles and international phone numbers]