Ubisoft Wii-eel To Ship With GT Pro Series

This is a couple of days old, but it’s still a big deal. What you see before you is Ubisoft’s Wii driving game accessory. It’s made by Thrustmaster, and is a peculiar design in concept. Plug the Wii-mote into the Wii-eel, kick back in your Lazy Boy and race to your heart’s content.

But I forsee few issues with this cool-ish idea. First and foremost, I’m a weak hippie. Especially my pacifist arms. How am I supposed to win a race when I have to hold my arms outstretched the entire time? Second, how am I supposed to drive straight? If there’s no base to stabalize the wheel, won’t I be moving it just a little too much to keep control? Maybe I’m wrong, but this thing seems like one of those ideas that is good only in theory. The wheel will be shipping with GT Pro Series, which is supposed to be released this holiday season. Any takers?

Wii-eel Attachment Looks Rather Un-Wii-ldy [Joystiq via IGN]