Lafayette Fiber Case Going to State Supreme Court

Being from Louisiana, I kind of always thought of Lafayette as one of the most backward cities in the country. The only reason I ever went there was for the cheap booze (did I mention that I’m from Louisiana?). So why am I excited to hear the latest news coming out of the ass-crack of the south? The city has been trying to get fiber run citywide for over a year now, and the guys in charge have been trying everything in their power to make sure it doesn’t happen. This has cost the city money and time.

Last Friday, the Louisiana Municipal Association filed what is known as a “friend of the court” brief with the Louisiana Supreme Court on Friday. It pretty much amounts to a plea to the Supreme Court to let them start laying the cable. Fast forward to today, the City Of Lafayette filed a formal application asking the Supreme Court to overturn the Third Circuit Court’s ruling that the fiber could not be run, so that the city could begin to expand fiber optics to every home and business in the city. So, it’s now in the Louisiana Supreme Court’s hands–and we all know how completely devoid of corruption Louisiana political figures are.

Lafayette Fiber Battle Heads to State Supreme Court [Broadband Reports]