Panasonic Toughbook Line With WAN

Just got a good look at the Toughbook line from Panasonic. I’ve always liked these things – nice round touchpad, great materials, excellent battery life – but take a look at this monster. This is the T5 ($1,899), an ultralight toughbook with touchscreen and – get this – a hand strap. You hold it like a book and rather than having a swivel screen, you just tap on the 12-inch TFT. Best of all, like all in the new series (T5, W5, and the Y5), it has embedded WAN from Cingular, Sprint, or Verizon.

The W5 is a 3-pound thin and light with built-in optical, similar to the previous Toughbook models.

The Y5 is a bit bigger with a 14-inch screen. We’ll have video of all three momentarily.