Uniden UDC-7M Announced

Uniden just announced a new digital camera model, the UDC-7M. It’s got a 7.1MP CCD, 3x optical zoom, 23MB of onboard storage, “face reorganization technology” (edit: face recognition?) and no viewfinder. Sure, it has a 2.4″ LCD screen on the back, but occasionally, I do still look through that tiny window to see what the camera sees. Am I alone on this? Lacking a viewfinder is pretty common for smaller cameras though.

Anyway, it’s available in three colors and you can order it now straight from Uniden’s Japanese website for about $212, which is a bit cheaper than other cameras in this league. Which still isn’t too bad for a 7.1MP camera. You can also take advantage of its several presets Auto, sports, portrait, anti-shake, flower, night portrait, fireworks, lamp, cosmetic, B/W, sepia, sharp, contrast and vivid. Too bad it only supports up to ISO800.

Uniden UDC-7M digital camera [Fareastgizmos.com via Gizmodo]