Adam Curry announces the BT Podshow partnership

BT will announce today that is has partnered with the Podshow which is run by the “PodFather” himself Adam Curry, a former MTV VJ and one of podcasting’s inventors, to create the BTPodshow.

The PodShow Podcast Network was formed in 2005 by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom. It hosts many popular personalities and shows including Curry’s own program “the daily source code“. It also offers professional production and directory services to major media companies and to traditional businesses.

“Podshow was created out of total frustration with current audio programming. The same songs, the same messaging, the same programming, everywhere, all the time, with no exceptions…” said Curry.

It will seem a little odd today at the BT press conference, given that Curry announced the partnership on his own progam yesterday – DSC-460-2006-09-12.!?

This is BT’s first solo step into the world of Web 2.0 services, outside of their Yahoo partnership, and is a very important step in their (r)evolution from a pure Telecom company into a web services organisation. So it will be interesting to see how BT market this service to the UK consumer, so far they have chosen the traditional PR press conference route, big hotel, big announcement instead of the blogosphere.

Hopefully BT, the traditional telecom company, can transform itself into a Web 2.0 services company but not everybody believes they will do.