Blackberry 8703e Launched on Verizon

Verizon’s just launched the BlackBerry 8703e, an EV-DO capable BlackBerry device. The 8703e has your standard BlackBerry software that you either love or hate, and adds capability to tether your laptop to it to act as a modem.

The keyboard on the BB is a full QWERTY and not a half-QWERTY, as seen on smaller, candybar-shaped BlackBerries. This will be available for $349.99 with a two-year contract starting Sunday, September 17 online. If you’re looking to order this through business channels for your office, you’ll have to wait until September 18. In order to use the phone as a modem, you’ll have to sign up for BroadbandAccess Connect, which is $15 if you have a voice and unlimited data plan, or $30 if you only have a data plan.

If think access these fees are a lot, just think of all the money you’ll get when you sue your employer for BlackBerry thumb!

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