Boost Asks "Where You at?" Loopt Answers

Boost Mobile, the hip-hop-themed pre-paid service from Sprint Nextel, has the tagline “Where you at?” This grammatically frightening phrase now has meaning, as Boost has partnered with Loopt to launch a mobile friend finder.

Just download the little Java app to your phone, set permissions, add your like-Boosted friends who’ve done the same and you’ll all be able to find each other on an on-screen map in real time. Scroll through locations and send messages, all using Nextel’s built-in GPS functionality.

You can then mingle together into a menacing, tough-looking gang of K-Fed look-alikes and “holla” things such as “whaddup?” and “you trippin’, dawg” and look foolish doing so.

Loopt, which works as it’s own app, will be free for current Boost members.

Boost/Loopt sing-up []