NBC to Offer Free Streams of Primetime Shows

NBC today announced that it will begin offering ad-supported streams of all its new fall shows. That means that starting soon you’ll be able to stream episodes of several different “Law & Order” amalgamations, “The Office,” “Studio 60 On Sunset Strip” (which is excellent by the way) and a bunch of others. The network will also launch on October 1 a new version of the NBC Universal player that features enhanced-resolution, large-format video.

This is really big news. NBC has some high profile shows this season and the fact they’ll be immediately available for free streaming is a huge play in their favor. I believe this plan will help the network to drastically cut down on the losses it receives from people downloading ripped episodes of its shows. Its nice to see one of the Big Three embracing this technology as it will surely motivate the other networks to do the same. Thoughts?