SD Cards with USB Plugs. Suh-wheat!

No longer will camera lovers be chained to the evils of the SD card reader. No more! We will be free to move about with our laptops, extra-baggage left in the waste bins of history. No longer will our desktops need those damned multi-card slots, making the face of it appear to be that of a pimply teenager. Done are we with the labors of cables and such, for OCZ Technology has combined two devices into one, giving us a 2GB SD card that transforms to have it’s own, built-in, minimalist USB connector. Plug it right in and you’re good. We love things that transform, don’t we? (Robots in disguise!)

Now, I’m feeling clever. I think I might get a few of these, a five-port USB hub, and set up a super-fast flash drive RAID array. Whaddaya think? Freedom!

You should also know that the prices aren’t much different than standard SD cards, which is just USB icing on the 2GB cake.

OCZ Secure Digital Dual Memory Cards [OCZ Technologies]