Trolltech Linux Phone For Application Developers

Cell phone application developers have a new tool for developing future products. Trolltech has launched their Qtopia Greenphone, an open Linux mobile device that allows you to write and install your own apps, or tweak the ones that Trolltech has already installed. They say this allows developers to be able “to utilize communication functions and features found in today’s sophisticated smartphones in developing their own innovative applications in addition to modifying those that Trolltech provides.”

There are currently three bundles you can choose from, ranging from $695 to $890 depending on what you’re making. It’s pretty expensive, but it packs some cool features like: Linux kernel 2.4.19, QVGA LCD color screen, Intel XScale 312 mHz PXA270, 64MB RAM & 128MB Flash, a Mini-SD card slot, Bluetooth, & Mini-USB. It looks pretty cool, too, for a candy bar anyway.

Trolltech Announces Availability for Qtopia Greenphone [Slashphone]