CarMD Tells You When Your Car Needs Love

A new company calling itself the Corporation has released its one and only product, the aptly named CarMd. You’ve seen this contraption before, you just might not recognize it. In a much larger and greasier form, this is in every mechanic shop in the country. You (or previously the mechanic) plug it into your car’s data port and it lets you know what’s going on under the hood. So it can tell you why your Check Engine light is on, whether you need a new air filter or if your car is about to explode.

The CarMD is $90, which really isn’t that bad since after you own it, you can drive over to get your car fixed and tell them exactly what you want done so that they don’t rape you on overages. Though, if you’re really trying to be frugal, you can actually take your car to any Autozone. They have these things to use for free.

Gadget Adviser: Hypochondriac car owners rejoice! [ via Gadgets Weblog]