Cingular 3125 Hands-On

We got a chance to look at the Cingular 3125 yesterday AKA the HTC Star Trek and were pretty impressed. The phone is amazingly thin in real life, a bit thicker than a RAZR – we should create a whole new phone measurement system using the RAZR (1.5 RAZRs thick) – and the Windows OS looked quite snug on the 8125’s bright screen.

Thanks to this phone, along with Cingular’s Nokia E62 and T-Mobile’s Pearl, we can expect to see massive uptake in the mobile messaging world. The SK3 is nice and all, but these phones are thin and light and just right for the soccer mom.

We’ll have a full hands-on on all of these phones next week. Very exciting. It’s available now from Cingular for $299.99 or $149.99 with a two year contract.