CTIA 2006 Coverage: Phones, Batman and More!

After a few long days of meetings and press releases at CTIA Wireless, we decided to wind down at a press party in Hotel Figueroa in downtown Los Angeles. Upon entering the hotel, we found ourselves engulfed in the Batman Begins world. That’s right, Batman stuff. Warner Bros. decided to decorate the hotel with props from the film. So we did we do? Well, we got right down to being geeky and taking pictures next to the Batmobile, Raz Al Ghoul’s soldiers and some other cool Batman props lying around the hotel (Katie Holmes was nowhere to be found – trust me we tried). After dorking out for a while, we got down to business and entered the party. And if you wanted more of John Biggs’ sumo match, we’ve got that too, along with some pretty cool stuff we saw at CTIA. Check it out.