HTC Libra: Quasi-QWERTY Quaint Smartphone

More news from CTIA. HTC, purveyors of all things Windows Mobile 5, has announced yet another smartphone. This one, called the Libra, is similar to HTC’s familiar sliding-keyboard smartphones (T-Mobile’s MDA, for example), except that it’s closer in size to their candybar-style phones.

Indeed, next to the 4:3 screen (320 x 240?) on the face is a regular cellphone-style keypad, T9 and function buttons. Turn the unit sideways, however, and a Wizard-style keyboard slides out. While it offers full QWERTY, there are only three rows, so the space bar has been shifted to the right of the M key. It might take some getting used to, but it’s a novel approach to usability. No other specs are available now.

The phone, for CDMA networks (Spring and Verizon), also features EVDO Rev. A, which means it’s fast, data-wise. It should be available next year, and a GSM/UMTS version is sure to follow later.

HTC Libra To Support EVDO Rev. A [Phonescoop]