Zippo Camera Lighter

When I was younger, I thought that Zippo was some great ideal of a company that only made the best of the best of lighters. I thought they were above capitalism, they were just the best and you couldn’t touch them. Then I grew up and started seeing Dixie flag Zippos and Beatles Zippos (seriously, wtf?).

Now Zippo has launched a new model that takes it one step farther. They’ve put a camera into a lighter. The camera can hold around 100 pictures at 320×240 or 30 pictures around 640×480, so you know it totally rocks. It has 64MB of built-in memory and can hook up to your computer using USB1.1. I guess if you still don’t have a phone with a built-in crappy camera and you’re really looking for a way to blow $30, you could do it pretty quickly right here.

Digital Camera Lighter [HotGadget via Gadgetizer]