IGoGo: MP3 + Personal Massage = WTF!?

Wireless technology is still in it’s infancy. You can tell because there are still ideas people haven’t thought of yet, things that show up that make you go “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?” and wonder what people are thinking.

The OSIM IGoGo is a perfect example. The IGoGo is a typical DAP that stores it’s music on MMC (no SD?). It’s got USB 1.1 (sigh), a small LCD screen to navigate your tunes and a pair of musically-sychronized RD massage pads.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Two units you put on your sore muscles that thump and bump rhythmically to whatever is playing on the MP3 unit. Wirelessly, so nobody has to know where you’ve stuck the pads. We’ve emailed OSIM to try to get a unit for a “hands-on” inspection

Look for this goody in Asia, no word on when or why we might see it stateside.

OSIM IGoGo: That Hottie MP3 Player [c|net Asia]