iTunes 7.0: Apple Gives Will Wheaton Back His iTunes Music

It appears Star Trek is a very popular show. Actor Will Wheaton – who played Jean Luc La Forge on Star Trek: The Voyage Out of Your Parents’ Basement – complained that all of his purchased music disappeared from his iPod after upgrading to iTunes 7.0. Apple quickly called him and helped him out of his jam, but if you’ve never sucked face with a Klingon then I doubt they’d give you the same one-to-one phone service. However, Wheaton did get this promise:

I think that’s worth mentioning again, in hey-look-at-me bold text: If you make a purchase from the iTunes Music Store, and something horrible happens and you lose all your music, Apple will give you a one-time only do-over to replace all of your purchased music, free of charge.

This is just a lead-in, obviously, to discussing iTunes 7.0. Aside from obvious UI differences, not much new going on here except for movies, cover flow, and auto album art. Apparently the album art comes in pretty slowly becuase I started the new iTunes this morning and it’s still churning away.

You’ve also got a backup system in there, which is quite nice. I currently have a Backup job running daily, but it doesn’t seem to be taking so I’m almost certain I’ll lose my entire collection in one fireball, so maybe I’ll give that a go today.

Otherwise, I’d expect that the iTunes UI is what we can expect to see in Leopard, which is pretty exciting. It feels cleaner and more organized. Good job, Apple. I hear some folks in Redmond are working on something, though. Might want to give them a call.

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