Melitta Smart Brew: Coffee and Weather, Fresh Each Morning

I love coffee. I love gadgets. I like coffee gadgets. There are several high-end, fancy-pants coffee makers in the world, but the Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew adds something more than sweet, sweet caffeine to your morning: a weather report.

The Smart Brew features an LCD display on the side, which, besides coffee information and alarm settings, displays the weather forcast via SPOT technology (you do remember SPOT, don’t you?) from MSN Direct. In addition, it grinds and brews your coffee automagically.

This way, you can have your coffee and know what to take with you before you even leave your bedroom (your coffee maker is in your bedroom, right? And you call yourself a geek).

Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew Coffeemaker With MSN Direct []