Proporta Shows Off New iPod Cases

One layer of aluminum not enough for your Nano-needs? Double bag your 8GB bad boy with new Alu-Crystal cases from Proporta. These aluminum cases have a little polycarbonate window for your screen, and hug tightly to your iPod, as you do.

But these aren’t the only game in town from Proporta. Oh, no. If bouncy is more your taste, they also offer a softer case apparently named after my ex-girlfriend. The Dual Skin Silicone is slight and similar to the Aluminums above, but, you know, silicone. It also sports an integrated belt/strp hole, lanyard loop, and comes in a variety of colors.

Not to be outdone, the new Shuffle has it’s own aluminum and silicone versions, leaving a little hole for your iPodish button clicking.

Now that these tasty new Shuffle’s and Nanos are out, don’t you wish you had one of these for your current one? Good luck getting top dollar on Craiglist now, Scratchyboy.

Nano Alu-Crystal, Nano Dual Skin Silicone, Shuffle Silicone Case, Shuffle Aluminum Sleeve [Proporta]