Sonos Teams with Real: Rhapsody in Your Livingroom

Streaming music and video could finally invade the living rooms of mainstream America next year. With Apple’s iTV vaporware device coming to light early, it sort of sets the stage for all kinds of digital fun.

Sonos is one company that’s been putting out products that work in this new frontier. Their ZonePlayer series music boxes take audio from your PC (or Mac, or Linux whatevs) and plays it via your stereo or home theater system, all via WiFi. And with their Controller, you have a high-tech wireless interface right in your hands.

So what could make these easy-to-use products even better? Real Networks. Yes, that Real Networks. Sonos and Real have struck an agreement that now allows Sonos devices to work with the Rhapsody music service. So, for $10 a month, you’ve got access to pretty much any music you want from their collection of over 2 million songs and over 100 radio stations. While the subscription idea for digital music isn’t a hit for portable devices, it makes sense for home audio.

If you decide to grab yourself a Sonos device, you’ll get your first 30 days of Rhapsody for free. It’s not a bad offer, and it’ll be interesting to see how popular it becomes. With this increased competition from Rhapsody and Zune, I’m wondering if Apple with throw iTunes into the subscription-based fray.

The Sexy Sonos-Rhapsody Love Child [Tech Crunch]