T-Mobile Adds BlackBerry Pearl Early

We like T-Mobile. They’re friendly, and they’ve been making great strides lately in coming to equity with Cingular in the cool-phones arena. Today, they’ve taken another step by adding the BlackBerry Pearl to their website as “available now”.

They’ve been taking preorders for awhile, and started selling in-store, but this is the first time you can order one from their site in-stock and have it shipped overnight.

We’ve been crunching the Pearl here for awhile now, and we like it. It’s a small, slim smartphone with a 1.3 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and RIM’s push email solution. It uses the familiar SureType hybrid keypad, so migration for current CrackBerry addicts should be painless. It’s good to see T-Mobile dropping something early. We feel like it’s our birthday or something.

BlackBerry Pearl [T-Mobile]