Yahoo! Messenger 3 Beta for OS X Out Now

For us Mac users, Yahoo! Messenger has been a blessing and a curse. For years, Yahoo! added features to the Mac version prior to rolling them out to Windows users. Then, somewhere around the transition to OS X, Yahoo! changed gears.

It’s been a couple of years since Mac users have had an update. Microsoft and AOL kept their messenging systems current, while Mac users lingered in the days of OS 9.2.2-era computing. Rejoice, fellows, for Yahoo!, in their infinite wisdom, has released a beta of Messenger for Mac 3. I’ve been using it all day, and I can say it truly rules.

It threads the messages better than before, and has the modern photos-next-to-your-conversation feature we love. in addition, file transfers work, web cams work, it’s dock-aware, has better integration with messenger for mobiles, works with Windows Live! messenger, and has multi-chat conferencing, just like the Windows version.

It’s available for download now, and I’d recommend it, even if it’s not strictly a gadget.

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 1 [Yahoo!]