HTC Excalibur = T-Mobile Dash, Coming Next Month

, this GSM-flavored Windows Mobile 5-sporting smartphone is aimed directly at the Motorola Q from Verizon. But here in the good ol’ US-of-A, the Cosmo will be called the Dash, and will be offered by our friends over at T-Mobile.

For those not in-the-know, the Dash will have 64/128MB built-in RAM, Windows Mobile 5: Smartphone Edition, a 320×240 screen (non-touch), and a full QWERTY keypad. The Dash is small and slim, unlike my ex-girlfriends.

This offering, along with the Pearl, really beefs up T-Mobile’s business/smartphone line-up. There’s a little something for everyone here (except for us Treo fans, *ahem*), making T-Mobile a real force in high-end service (finally).

Look for the Dash to drop here within the next month and a half. No word yet on whether Cingularites will have a version, but HTC likes to keep things copacetic with their GSM lovers, so it’s entirely possible.

T-Mobile Dash [Modaco]