Pearl's Trackball Kills Ringer on Accident

BlackBerry Pearl owners are lucky, lucky people indeedy. The Pearl is a great combination of form and function. There is, however, one problem raining on their SureType parade: the trackball at the center of the face of the phone silences the ringer, even if moved very slightly.

So if you’re getting a call, and reach into your Levi’s to pull the Pearl out, you’re going to mute the ringer. Now this isn’t a serious problem most of the time, but if you’re on a bus or otherwise moving, chances are good that that trackball is moving with you. this means you might miss calls altogether, which could pose a problem.

As the Pearl is still a very new smartphone, look for an update from T-Mobile or RIM soonish. It should be a simple software fix, but in the meantime, it’s something to consider when planning your Pearly purchase

Ringer doesn’t work in your pocket! [Pinstack BlackBerry Forums]