Twenty-Inch Laptop Hits the Streets of Manhatten

<img class="left" src=" hybrid. At 18.5 pounds, it's not really intended for the roadwarrior. But what if it were?

The good people at Laptop Magazine took their demo model for a stroll about town, and made record of the reactions from the common man. They ranged from incredulous to disgusted, but the machine made a splash (edit: fortunately not an explosion) wherever it went.

The system tested came packed with Windows XP Home Media Center, a 2.16-GHz Core Duo from Intel, 2GB RAM, WiFi and a Mobility Radeon X1800 with 256RAM. It's also got a wireless remote and DVR-functionality.

It's for sure more computer than most portables need, but there probably is a niche market for this thing. What it is, we don't know, but we'd love to get our hands on one.

Attack of the 20″ Notebook [Laptop Mag]