HTC MTeoR: Best Smartphone EveR?

We tend to like HTC here at the Crunch (Blake hates his Cingular 8125 though). They put out more smartphones, in more form factors with feature lists than any other company out there. And the way they deal price-point with the carriers is amazing, as well. So it comes as no surprise to read that Ubergeek Jeremy Toeman at Live Digitally thinks that the HTC MTeoR is the greatest smartphone ever.

We’re still waiting for this little guy to be adopted by some American carriers, so it can have a true, nurturing home. When that happens is anyone’s guess, as HTC is branding this badboy itself instead of letting T-Mobile call it the MDA or some other bastardization.

When Toeman says it’s the best smartphone he’s ever used, you must realize it’s all subjective. While we’re sure it’s a fantastic phone, some of us prefer a little qwerty love, while others opt for full-on touchscreen action. But putting those preferences aside, the MTeoR does indeed stack up, and sets the bar a little higher for other manufacturers.

HTC MTeoR: Best Smartphone Yet!,

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