NewsGator Goes Mobile

NewsGator will announce tomorrow the addition of a new product that will likely make a nice splash.NewsGator Go! is an RSS aggregator designed for use with Windows Mobile devices. It will provide users with the ability to conveniently read content and manage RSS subscriptions while on the go.

The new version is able to synchronize articles and subscriptions with existing NewsGator programs such as: NewsGator Online, Inbox, NetNewsWire, and FeedDemon. Using NewsGator Online, users are able to send specific feeds to certain devices, so, for instance, one can set a mobile device to receive only the most important feeds. It also formats the feeds so that they are ideally suited to mobile displays.

NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile will be compatible with any device running Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5. It will be available from NewGator tomorrow for $29.95.