Nike MaxSight Lenses Released

<img src=" (or less than perfect) vision. The lenses offer enhanced clarity, elimination of glare, and filter over 90% of harmful blue light and 95% of UVA and UVB. Aimed mostly at the athletic audience, the MaxSight lenses also offer distortion free optics and the individual does not have to worry about fog or fit issues. Pretty cool concept here, except that contact lenses in general can cause eye irritation (depending on the individual) that can really affect an individual's performance. The lenses also come in two different colors: grey-green for golf, running, and training and amber for soccer, tennis, baseball, football, and rugby. Yes, the colors actually improve your vision for that specified sport. And before you ask, no, there aren't any blue lenses for swimming or checkerboard lenses for competitive chess.

Nike MaxSight [ubergizmo]