SwarmTeams – Group Messaging For Multiple Devices

The swarm team is designed for groups, or swarms, that need to message each other no matter what device they’re on. Using text messages and emails, you can reach your group no matter where you are. There are four different apps, Swarm-it!, Swarm-pro!, Swarm-web! and Swarm-api!, four apparently very excited applications that connect you with a mass of people.

Swarm-it! is the SMS and email app for normal people, so when you message the group point, the message then gets broadcast to everyone else in the group. The users who want emails get notified via email, and the users who want texts get notified on their cell phone.

Swarm-web! works by embedding the app on your website, allowing you to broadcast messages to your readers. You can reach them via your site, their mobile phone or their email (the latter two are opt-in depending on the subscriber). This is really a plugin for Swarm-pro! and not available as a separate standalone product.

Swarm-pro! allows you to create multiple swarm groups that can message each other, which then can be branded and act completely independent from other swarms. You can also interlink swarms, allowing, for example, multiple departments in your company to message each other. There are peer managed or owner managed swarms, and this is meant more for building communities inside and outside a business.

Swarm-api! is the Application Programming Interface (API) that is used to build Swarm plugins and apps to incorporate into your Swarm-pro! and Swarm-it! products.

You can sign up for a Swarm-it! trial now, but Swarm-pro! is on a limited trial as of the time of this post. You can also watch their online screen-cast demo to get a better feel of what the Swarm software looks like before you try it out.

Product Page [Swarmteams]