VideoEgg bringing video recording to Bebo, Dogster and more

The very cool video capture service VideoEgg is announcing today that they have entered into agreements to provide their easy video creation tool to a wide range of social networking sites including Bebo, Dogster, Tagged, Hi5, and AOL. The VideoEgg client captures and transcodes video from almost any device you can find and makes posting it to the web really easy. VideoEgg is to video like Odeo is to podcasts, except lots of people want to make short videos and VideoEgg may be even easier to use.

We’ve written about the company a number of times in the past because they’ve got a great technology and are clearly making important connections. They launched one year today at DEMO Fall in Huntington Beach. They’ve received funding from August Capital and First Round Capital. David Hornik from August is on their board.

These partnerships all make a lot of sense, as there’s no reason for social networking sites to lose their users to video uploading sites if it’s a service they can offer themselves by partnering with someone like VideoEgg. Watch for all of the above social networks to take a real leap in media richness once a large number of their users are adding video quickly into their content streams.

Grouper offers a similar functionality and was recently acquired by Sony for $65 million. Recording directly through the browser, making it simple, clean and easy – is obviously the kind of technology that’s increasingly in demand as the world of user generated multimedia content heats up.