BurnAway: Data Transfer Without PCs

Who needs a PC? The smarties over at Delkin (no, not Belkin) have found two great tastes that taste great together. They’ve taken a standard external DVD writer and combined it with a USB multi-card reader. Not content to just combine them into one USB connection, they’ve also added a microcontroller and an LCD screen, so you can transfer the photo and video contents of your latest foray into Tara Reid stalking to disk without leaving records on a pesky computer.

The BurnAway reads from SD, MMC, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, and xD, and burns to all your common DVD/CD formats, + and – flavors.

The only downside is the price. At about $370, it makes more sense to buy a handful of 2GB SD cards and a decent camera to shoot with, but there might be applications we’re not thinking of. Since it also acts like a Diskman via stereo out, there’s some value, no?

BurnAway [Delkin]