For Programmers Only: Neuros OSD Linux PVR That You Have To Program Yourself

Nothing as sophisticated or polished as TiVo or Windows Media Center, this Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder has users jumping in coding functionality, which eventually gets shared all other users. Ludicrous for someone who just wants to make sure they don’t miss the Colbert Report, but open source coders, contributers, and users are all over this type of thing.

There are only 200 units available, costs $229 with a $70 rebate, and you can get cash for developing new features that gets incorporated into the media recorder. Very interesting. Right now they have a $1,000 bounty on a YouTube viewer, and a $600 bounty on a Flickr browser. We wonder how much a Crunchgear browser will get you?

Product Page [Think Geek via i4u]