Sleeves + Blanket = Slanket!

Is it just us, or is every-damn- thing making every-other-damn- thing obsolete these days? For thousands of years, Man has kept himself toasty with the comfort of a blanket. It’s the first possession most of us ever have, many people keeping their’s close their entire lives (don’t act like you don’t still have yours, Ozerman). It’s a simple, functional device.

But it’s a device that’s being replaced, and that is the fault of the Slanket. Slanket has taken your cozy pal and added sleeves, so you can do your things you need to do while staying warm at the same time. Want to check your email but don’t want your shoulders to get that dreadful sudden chill? Slanket is for you, friend.

And Slanket is stylish, coming in five colors, from Ruby Wine (dark red) to Castlerock (tan). The makers are quick to point out it’s not a poncho or a robe, but something entirely ingenious and new. We think it’s a blanket. With sleeves.

Slanket, the lounge blanket [Slanket dot com]