The Rocket Bag

At first glance, the Rocket Bag just looks like another men’s bag. Don’t be fooled though, the Rocket Bag is more like THE men’s bag of the year. Designed by the infamous Bill Amberg, the Rocket Bag gets its name from the bag’s side panels, which have a rocket shape on them (DUH!). The bag features anodized handles and metal feet on the bottom of the bag to allow it to stand upright. According to our friends at Spungle , it can withstand the elements and even an atomic attack.

To open the bag, you have to lift its leather tab off the anodized aluminum notch which is located each side of the bag. This is one sleek, sophisticated and classy accessory. The inside even contains a purple suede lined interior, and there’s enough room for a laptop, PDA, pens and whatever else you may want with you on the go – a nice cheese, perhaps? It will set you back over $1,000.

Rocket Bag [Spungle]