USBCELL AA Batteries Are USB Rechargeable

Have you ever wanted to charge your AA batteries with your computer? We’re not talking about a USB-powered charger either, we’re talking just sticking your AA into the USB port. So have you? We know we have, and with this $24 pair of USBCELL AA batteries, our life’s dream has been fulfilled.

The batteries fit into any USB port, be it your laptop, PC, or powered USB hub, and will work with several regular chargers as well. However, the batteries are not rated to be used with a 60mA charger that charges in less than 2 hours, rather, use a 250mA charger that charges in 7. Otherwise you’ll create a temporal vortex that will suck your loved ones into the Zeta Zone, where you’ll only be able to visit on Thanksgiving and President’s Day. And you know how they keep changing President’s Day every year.

Product Page [USBCELL via Far East Gizmos]