A Diva We Actually Care For

Last night, we watched America’s Next Top Model, and it was good. One of the themes of the show was stereotypes, specifically the “diva” stereotype. We hate divas. Self-important is a horrible way to live. Unless, of course, you’re these sexy new Diva 2.1 speakers from Miglia.

The aluminum tubes offer room-filling audio for your computer or iPod (or Zune) in a small, portable form factor. They’re attractive, too, looking like a minimalist lightsaber crossed with a lipstick tube.

Sure, you could have some crazy 5.1 surround-whatever theater system, but for those of us who sit behind a desk all day and listen to music as we type, mouse, and download, it’s a hawt way to go. No pricing yet, but you should be able to pick up a Diva at most retailers that carry Miglia, like your neighborhood Apple store.

Diva 2.1 [Miglia, via popgadget]