Blaupunkt Drops Two Gadgety Car Decks

We’ve seen iPod connectors, sure, but Blaupunkt looks to be wanting to make our little white-or-black friends obsolete. Two of their new car decks incorporate some high-tech, gadget-friendly features that really do make the iconic portable media devices redundant.

The Memphis MP66 and the St. Louis MP56 both feature digital AM/FM, full-graphic displays, and six-band parametric EQs with acoustic calibrating mics, meaning the deck analyzes how you hear the music, and can adjust accordingly. Very cool.

The decks also have USB ports and MMC/SD slots. So, if you’re an SD-based MP3 player fan, you can just interchange your card between your player and deck. Or, you can plug your thumb drive or portable USB drive in, and navigate your way to your music. Like most MP3-compatable car decks, the units take the ID3 info from your MP3s and displays it on their high-resolution screens.

If you’re a car guy as well as a gadget nerd, they’re worth checking out, as making things gadget-friendly is the way more manufacturers should go, in our opinion.

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