Cingular and Double Standards

Consumerist is running a story about an Alabama woman who is getting shafted by Cingular. The story goes that the woman owned three phones on AT&T, which was, of course, bought out by Cingular. Her phones are frequently used during long commutes. Due to this traversing, the phones are on the towers of other providers for more than 50% of the time.

Cingular decided that this was not economically feasible for them and sent the woman a letter requesting that she voluntarily withdraw from her contract. In return she would get to keep her phone numbers, which, as you know, is the law anyway. They didn’t offer to unlock her phones or anything like that. She refused and Cingular cancelled her phones anyway.

It seems a little heinous to me. If the woman had found that honoring her contracts was no longer economically feasible to her, I doubt seriously that Cingular would have given a damn. Grumble.

Cingular’s One-Way Contract [Consumerist]