Nokia Drops Busy 3G Euro Slider, May Be State-bound

Nokia has unloaded a new phone in Europe today that we should see making it’s way to Cingular here in the states. The 6288 is a small slider chock-full of prime 3G features, and comes in black or white (Hello, Apple’s using color now, duh).

You start off with UMTS and a QVGA 320 x 240 screen, then add a 2MP camera with flash to the back, give it dedicated zoom and photo controls, add some Bluetooth 2.0 and a MiniSD slot, and you’ve gotsa spicey meatball, or at least a hot cameraphone. But Nokia has decided to go above and beyond, endowing this powerhouse with a second camera, a VGA on the front for video conferencing, and then includes an easy-to-use video editing function for perfect MMS messages. Slick.

The 6288 is a European upgrade to the 6282, tentatively offered by Cingular, and should cost around $415 including a 512MB memory card, before subsidies and discounts. Because Cingular has never launched the 6282, look for this guy to hit us in the pocket for somewhere around $299 in Q1 of next year.

New Nokia 6200 3G Slider Phone []