Pioneer's MT-01 Power Line Multi-Room Audio

Pioneer’s MT-01 Power Line Sound System streams music through your power lines, instead of through 2.4GHz where WiFi, Bluetooth and the magical wireless fairies live. This way, there’s less interference and more convenience, since your devices need to be plugged in anyway.

The multi-room audio setup also has motion detectors in each speaker so the sound activates when you walk into a room. We’re not sure whether it will turn itself off after a period of time, so it would kind of be annoying to have to wave your arms every few minutes to keep the sound going. The MT-01 also supports six speakers, and comes with one 2x25W Network Speaker and a small 5W Network Speaker.

The inputs are USB A an B, and three audio inputs. It can also support streaming multiple audio channels from room to room, so you can listen to your iPod in one while watching a movie in the other.

Pioneer launches multi-room audio system that plays music through the power lines [Pocket Lint]