Microsoft to Ship All Versions of Vista on a Single DVD

Microsoft has confirmed that all versions of Vista will be included on one DVD. The feature, called Windows Anytime Upgrade, is intended to enable users to more readily upgrade to a “better” version of the OS. Users will be able to move up by simply purchasing a new product key.

This is probably a pretty good idea. Not only does it cutdown on the overhead of packaging, it will likely increase impulsive OS upgrades. I imagine people will be drastically more inclined to upgrade their OS on a whim if it’s already sitting on their desk.

Edit: Interesting thoughts in comments from webonics and Artega that I hadn’t even considered. They’ve suggested that perhaps MS is essentially encouraging hackers to pirate Vista as part of a diabolical scheme to increase market share and bury Apple once and for all. Yes, yes that must be it. What do the rest of you think? (conspiracy theories encouraged)

All vista versions to ship on single disk [CNET]