Playstation 3 Drops Price, Adds HDMI

Finally, some good news from Sony. In Tokyo, Japan, Ken Kutaragi revealed that the lower-end Playstation 3 model will have HDMI support. At least now people will consider buying the cheaper version of the Playstation 3. Kutaragi actually stated that the addition of the HDMI was done because of the bad press Sony was getting!

At the time of E3 there was no [consensus on] HDMI, and that Sony was “concerned that it was overkill.” But negative reception from the press and manufacturers has caused the company to reconsider.

I have no idea how letting the cheaper Playstation 3 have HDMI would be “overkill”, but Sony has been pretty odd these days. Kutaragi also revealed some more good news: The Playstation 3 will have a price drop. Excited? Now, here’s the bad news: The price drop will only be in Japan. Why don’t we get it? Because retailers in the U.S. said that the price tag of the PS3 was a great deal. The price drop isn’t much, from $499 to $429, but it’s a start. Maybe next week, Sony will tell us that they finally figured out how to do motion-detection and vibration, cross your fingers.

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