iCarta Stereo Dock

Well, here’s an iPod accessory that’s at least somewhat unique. The iCarta is a stereo docking system for using your iPod in the bathroom. You may be laughing, but this may be a good one for people who spend lots of time in the bathroom–like the ladies. I’m sure it can get quite boring doing makeup, getting dressed, blow-drying and flat-ironing your hair. It seems Atech Flash Technology might have had that thought in mind when it decided to make this stereo dock with built-in tissue paper holder.

The iCarta is mountable, needs a power supply to run, contains two speakers that fold out, a Line In option and some cool blue LEDs. The iCarta is not a cheap iPod accessory, it goes for $119 on Amazon. Since most bathrooms already have tissue paper holders (I hope), it seems like it would be too much trouble to take off your current holder and replace it with this one. You could just buy a portable system and bring it in with you. Unless, of course, you want some dual paper tissue rolling going on.

iCarta [The Gadgeteer]